About Brittany

I have always taken such joy in a photograph. A small smile sent from one person to another caught in time, a moment to look back on always. Even though the pictures are worn and the faces are slightly faded, I love looking at the pictures of my parents and even my grandparents from their wedding days. These are moments before my time, caught on film, that have forever shaped my life. Without those I Do’s from all the couples in my family, I wouldn’t be here today. Without those wedding photographers from 30 years and 50 years ago, I wouldn’t have the images that have become my most loved possessions. And without that wedding photographer my parents hired, I wouldn’t get to see my mother’s face when she vowed to love my father always.
It is in these moments that I am truly happy with what I do and feel blessed to preserve these memories, not only for my bride and grooms of today, but for their children and great-grandchildren of tomorrow.
Wedding photography to me is more than just booking weddings. It’s finding the couples that connect with me, through my lens, in a way that will show through for decades to come.




To know me you also have to know my love for the people I’m surrounded by. My husband. My Family. My Friends. They are who make me the person I am and the person that I strive to be.

My nephew, Grady, on my wedding day.

Being a newlywed also helps in the process of working with brides. I know what it’s like. What it’s like to stick to that budget, the nerves that take over when you’re about to have your photo taken and the anxiety of the outcome.  My main goal is to always make you and your soon to be hubby feel the most comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera. To my brides and brides to be…Bryan and I had the most unforgettable first look that we could have dreamed of. It was a moment so full of emotion and love, of complete calm and satisfaction. Moments before the first look was the only time of my day that I was nervous and short tempered. After I saw Bryan the anxiety completely left my body and I was left with…happiness. Before I had my chance at being a bride it was hard for me to explain how wonderful a first look is. Because of this decision we have tons of portraits of us together and got to spend every moment after our evening ceremony with our loved ones. It was the number one reason our day ran so smoothly!

(during our first look)