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Jun 17, 2016

I was asked by a mentor of mine in my first year of business where I saw myself in 10 years. Not really a huge fan of questions like that, I gave a some fluffy answers that were enough to appease him. Then at the bottom of the page, where no one could see, I wrote to have my own studio before my 10 year business anniversary. I was too afraid to even share my dream back then, in fear that it wouldn’t ever really happen or that my business wouldn’t even last a whole decade.

Fast forward 9 years. In this year, my 9th year to own and run Brittany Dawson Photography, all on my own, I’ve checked off a big dream of mine. Something that I’ve wanted for so long. Just a space, outside of my own home, to call my own.

I’m thrilled with the choice of space, the natural light and huge windows. I’m excited to make it even more my own that reflects my photographic style. But in the meantime I would LOVE to photograph you all there!

All summer I’m offering some beat the heat specials – All ages and styles of shoots from Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family, Boudoir and Headshots – I’m down for it all!

Since having the keys as of June 1, I have shot 9 shoots already and learning how great the space is with each one.

Send me an email to for more information! I can’t WAIT to see what is store for my new studio! 



IMG_7756-2 IMG_6247 IMG_1936 IMG_0179 IMG_6426 IMG_1578 IMG_1076 studio2 IMG_1825 IMG_2220 IMG_7874 IMG_0503 IMG_1654 IMG_1507 IMG_7719-2 IMG_2245 IMG_6149 IMG_6593 IMG_7143-2 IMG_7385 studio1 IMG_0402 IMG_1831 IMG_9916-2 IMG_8184

One of my favorite shoots on the summer, Kelly and Tyne chose a wonderful venue in Luling, called Zedler Mill,  filled with beautiful light, right on the river. I’m so excited for my 2016 wedding clients. The year is filled with beautiful couples, the most beautiful brides and some great wedding events to photograph! 2015-10-22_0004 2015-10-22_0001 2015-10-22_0002 2015-10-22_0003 2015-10-22_0005 2015-10-22_0006 2015-10-22_0007 2015-10-22_0008 2015-10-22_0009 2015-10-22_0011 2015-10-22_0010 2015-10-22_0012 2015-10-22_0013 2015-10-22_0014 2015-10-22_0016 2015-10-22_0015 2015-10-22_0018 2015-10-22_0017 2015-10-22_0019 2015-10-22_0020 2015-10-22_0023 2015-10-22_0022 2015-10-22_0021

Since this adorable duo is getting married in less than a month, it’s only fitting I share their engagement session shoot. 2015-04-23_0001 2015-04-23_0002 2015-04-23_0003 2015-04-23_0004 2015-04-23_0005 2015-04-23_0006 2015-04-23_0007 2015-04-23_0008 2015-04-23_0010 2015-04-23_0011 2015-04-23_0013 2015-04-23_0012 2015-04-23_0014 2015-04-23_0016 2015-04-23_0015

With all the gloomy weather lately there was one day where the sun was bright and it was for this sweet couple. They trekked it all the way from Houston for this shoot and I’m so glad the weather came to show off and it was worth the drive!  I’m looking forward to their September wedding.2015-04-09_0089 2015-04-09_0090 2015-04-09_0098 2015-04-09_0091 2015-04-09_0092 2015-04-09_0093 2015-04-09_0094 2015-04-09_0095 2015-04-09_0097 2015-04-09_0099 2015-04-09_0100 2015-04-09_0102 2015-04-09_0101 2015-04-09_0104 2015-04-09_0105 2015-04-09_0106 2015-04-09_0103

With just a few weeks away from this sweet couples wedding, I thought it would be a good time to show some of their engagement pictures we took during the spring.  The lush grass and overflowing bluebonnets made a perfect backdrop for Jamie and Dustin’s shoot! JamieDustin7 JamieDustin6 JamieDustin8 JamieDustin5JamieDustin10 JamieDustin9 JamieDustin4 JamieDustin3 JamieDustin2 JamieDustin1 JamieDustin13 JamieDustin16 JamieDustin15 JamieDustin14 JamieDustin12 JamieDustin11 JamieDustin18 JamieDustin20 JamieDustin19 JamieDustin17 JamieDustin22 JamieDustin21


 These two are tying the knot in Mexico next year, but I was lucky enough to document their love last week here in Texas! Tommy+Erin-5 Tommy+Erin1 Tommy+Erin-6 Tommy+Erin-58 Tommy+Erin2 Tommy+Erin-53 Tommy+Erin3 Tommy+Erin-21 Tommy+Erin-29 Tommy+Erin-23 Tommy+Erin-16 Tommy+Erin-87 Tommy+Erin-105 Tommy+Erin4 Tommy+Erin-125 Tommy+Erin-107 Tommy+Erin5 Tommy+Erin-141

Playing softly in the background of my office I can’t help but relate the lyrics of a song to the couple I’m seeing on my computer screen.

“Living the best days of our lives, these are the best days of our lives…
I know this happiness depends on if we share it with each other.
So when this craziness is through, I’ll spend my happiness with you.These are the best days of our lives.”
-Eric Hutchinson

Spending the morning with Emily and Rich, I couldn’t help but see the love and happiness between the two of them. Always touching, smiling, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other, they are truly living the best days of their lives.  It’s so true the lyrics “when this craziness is through, I’ll spend my happiness with you” – weddings can be crazy and a tad bit stressful, but instead of being sad that the wedding is over, be happy that the result is spending your life and happiness with the person you married. I think that’s a pretty perfect result of your wedding.

EmilyRichBlog1 EmilyRichBlog2 EmilyRichBlog5 EmilyRichBlog4 EmilyRichBlog3 EmilyRichBlog6 EmilyRichBlog7 EmilyRichBlog8 EmilyRichBlog9 EmilyRichBlog11 EmilyRichBlog10 EmilyRichBlog12 EmilyRichBlog15 EmilyRichBlog13 EmilyRichBlog14 EmilyRichBlog16

Mostly what I remember about Kassi is that tall, gorgeous girl with the legs from Flatonia who played Softball. We had a few mutual friends, so over the years I’ve always known who she was but haven’t ever gotten to know her. During their engagements, Kassi showed me how warm and sweet of a person she is – and I see why Andrew choose her. Their wedding is later this winter and I can’t wait – Kassi is going to be a bride goddess!!KassiAndrew1 KassiAndrew2 KassiAndrew3 KassiAndrew4 KassiAndrew5 KassiAndrew7 KassiAndrew6 KassiAndrew8 KassiAndrew10 KassiAndrew11 KassiAndrew9 KassiAndrew12 KassiAndrew13 KassiAndrew14 KassiAndrew15

I knew each of these two separately first, much like they knew one another, as friends.  Sometimes without expecting, friendship can lead to much greater things, like finding your life partner in one another. That is exactly what happened with Kaylee and Michael and I was so happy to finally see the two of them together, as a couple and soon to be husband and wife. I’m greatly anticipating their wedding at Senglemann Hall this coming fall – it should be a good one! Dawson_KayleeMichael1 Dawson_KayleeMichael11 Dawson_KayleeMichael2 Dawson_KayleeMichael3 Dawson_KayleeMichael4 Dawson_KayleeMichael5 Dawson_KayleeMichael6 Dawson_KayleeMichael7 Dawson_KayleeMichael8 Dawson_KayleeMichael9 Dawson_KayleeMichael10

I’m so excited for Lesley and Rocky! So excited for their love, wedding and what their future holds. It’s so wonderful to see family friends find what they are looking for and Rocky is just that for Lesley!!  We spent the afternoon at Rocky’s family land, trying not to fall in the river, blow over from the wind and chasing the light. It was a afternoon well spent.

I’ve known Lesley since we were babies and her smile and laugh is how I would most describe Lesley.

Rocky and Lesley are so playful with one another. It’s fun to watch!

 The sunset in a pecan orchard? Yes please!