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Jun 17, 2016

I was asked by a mentor of mine in my first year of business where I saw myself in 10 years. Not really a huge fan of questions like that, I gave a some fluffy answers that were enough to appease him. Then at the bottom of the page, where no one could see, I wrote to have my own studio before my 10 year business anniversary. I was too afraid to even share my dream back then, in fear that it wouldn’t ever really happen or that my business wouldn’t even last a whole decade.

Fast forward 9 years. In this year, my 9th year to own and run Brittany Dawson Photography, all on my own, I’ve checked off a big dream of mine. Something that I’ve wanted for so long. Just a space, outside of my own home, to call my own.

I’m thrilled with the choice of space, the natural light and huge windows. I’m excited to make it even more my own that reflects my photographic style. But in the meantime I would LOVE to photograph you all there!

All summer I’m offering some beat the heat specials – All ages and styles of shoots from Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family, Boudoir and Headshots – I’m down for it all!

Since having the keys as of June 1, I have shot 9 shoots already and learning how great the space is with each one.

Send me an email to for more information! I can’t WAIT to see what is store for my new studio! 



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Mar 02, 2015

The perfect recipe for a great afternoon. a bridal gown – the most beautiful bouquet – a glowy winter sun –  and of course, a gorgeous bride. I’m not sure about you, but that pretty much sums up a dream shoot for me.  Molly wanted an outdoor, rustic feel to her shoot, so she chose The Barn at Piano Bridge in Dubina. The placement of the sun at this location is always perfect, allowing for my favorite kind of sun-drenched photos.   Now that she’s a married woman as of Saturday, I can finally share her beautiful bridals.

Her bouquet was made by Rita Anders with Cuts of Color in Weimar, Texas


MelissaBridals-40 Molly4 MelissaBridals-74 MelissaBridals-59 MelissaBridals-125 Molly3 MelissaBridals-155 Molly1 MelissaBridals-134 Molly6 MelissaBridals-126 Molly2 MelissaBridals-98 Molly5 MelissaBridals-93 MelissaBridals-83 MelissaBridals-58 MelissaBridals-117 MelissaBridals-51

One of my favorite venues with one of my favorite bridals! Dawson_EmilyBridals2 Dawson_EmilyBridals3 Dawson_EmilyBridals4 Dawson_EmilyBridals5 Dawson_EmilyBridals6 Dawson_EmilyBridals7 Dawson_EmilyBridals11 Dawson_EmilyBridals8 Dawson_EmilyBridals9 Dawson_EmilyBridals10 Dawson_EmilyBridals12 Dawson_EmilyBridals13

With a little good luck and the gracious Giselle, owner of Palazzo Lavaca, we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon photographing in one of the most gorgeous venues in Austin. Stunning in her Lazaro gown, Kathryn lit up every room she entered and made my job easy!





BDawson_KathrynBridals4  BDawson_KathrynBridals6














I love everything about Lesley’s bridals at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. Since she was wed back in June I’m happy to finally share her bridals! Enjoy!

LesleyBridals1 LesleyBridals3 LesleyBridals2 LesleyBridals9 LesleyBridals8 LesleyBridals13 LesleyBridals11 LesleyBridals7 LesleyBridals4 LesleyBridals14 LesleyBridals12 LesleyBridals10 LesleyBridals6  LesleyBridals15LesleyBridals5 LesleyBridals16 LesleyBridals17


Jul 09, 2013

I am beyond excited to share with you one of my best friends bridals. The newly minted Stacy Lane was seriously the most beautiful bride and I feel so blessed that I was able to document it!  🙂

StacyBridals1 StacyBridals3 StacyBridals2 StacyBridals5 StacyBridals6 StacyBridals4 StacyBridals7 StacyBridals8 StacyBridals9 StacyBridals10 StacyBridals11 StacyBridals12 StacyBridals13 StacyBridals14 StacyBridals15 StacyBridals16 StacyBridals17 StacyBridals18 StacyBridals20 StacyBridals21

Big thank you to Stacy’s Mom and sister for all your help!!  What a fun afternoon we had! StacyBridals19

BDawson_Kathrine1 BDawson_Kathrine6 BDawson_Kathrine5 BDawson_Kathrine4 BDawson_Kathrine3 BDawson_Kathrine7 BDawson_Kathrine2

It’s always a good day when I know my destination for a bridal portrait is going to be in Gruene.  It has the perfect combination of lush greens, beautiful light, and rustic old charm that every Texas bride likes to incorporate into her bridals. Ashley, with her bold red lipstick, bright blue eyes and adorable head piece, looked amazing during her bridals.

my favorite.

The Gruene Mansion Inn was kind enough to let us use their house for some portraits.

Of course a Gruene shoot wouldn’t be complete with a Gruene Hall shot!



Aug 31, 2012

There’s just something about a southern bride in her wedding gown and a field of horses.

May 30, 2012

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these bridals of Jenna.  Every single image and location made me giddy with excitement.  Bridals are some of my favorite portraits, that’s why I can’t understand why it’s only a southern tradition.  The first set we started at my friends Dad’s newly renovated loft style office.  If this could be my studio with all the natural light coming in, I may never need to leave. Well, the golden fields might lure me out, but still it was a perfect start to Jenna’s bridals.  After the loft we rode out to my good friends, Ashley and Matt’s beautiful farm where the evening light was breathtaking and the blue bonnets were in full bloom, along with lots of little buggies… right Sandra?! I never heard a peep from Jenna as we traipsed through the fields of tall grass and flowers. She knew it would all be worth it – and if I say so, it was!

Wouldn’t this make the most amazing studio … maybe some day 😉

These are two of my favorites. That dress is amazing.

A sun drenched field of bluebonnets….sigh

Love her Kendra Scott earrings she put on at the end!

I’ll end with my most favorite!